PM2.5 particle masks, how much do you know?

PM2.5 mask filter are masks that can effectively filter PM2.5 particles, and the airtightness of the mask determines the ability to filter suspended particles molecules. It can effectively filter the invisible killers in the air - haze, viruses, bacteria, dust mites, pollen and other tiny particles. Suitable for environments with poor air quality.

PM2.5 refers to particles in ambient air with an aerodynamic equivalent diameter of less than or equal to 2.5 μm (micron), also known as fine particles, which can be inhaled directly into the human body, interfering with gas exchange in the lungs and triggering asthma, bronchitis, and cardiovascular disease, among other diseases.

Functions of PM2.5 masks

PM2.5 mask can deeply filter and block haze, effectively filter the invisible killers in the air - bacteria and viruses, car exhaust, second-hand smoke, formaldehyde, dust mites, haze, volatile chemicals, air pollution gas, blocking droplets, bodily fluids and secretions used, due to the impact of respirable particles brought about by car exhaust, absorption and filtration of Pollution gas and so on, widely used in medical and health care industry, public places. Whether it is filtration efficiency, breathability, antibacterial properties, safety and other aspects are greatly beyond the ordinary mask.

PM2.5 masks add a lot of precautions, so they are more functional than traditional masks. For example, its lead charcoal cloth can play (anti-poison function), filter paper can block more than 95 per cent of fine dust inhalation into the body, belongs to the better type of mask. Some industrial areas also use this mask to prevent poison, because there may be certain chemicals or toxic gases in the industrial areas, and the lead-carbon cloth of the PM2.5 mask has the function of preventing poison.

Features of PM2.5 masks

First, the efficiency of air filters to filter PM2.5 fine particles should be greater than 95 percent;

Second, the air filter can be quickly sterilised, for example, in one hour the killing rate is greater than 90% (national standard requirements for disposable sanitary products), to avoid bacterial growth, resulting in secondary pollution;

Third, the key is that the above efficient filtration and rapid bactericidal function should be realised on the same air filter, in order to kill the bacteria retained on the air filter and avoid secondary pollution. If the antimicrobial fabric of PM2.5 antimicrobial mask is separated from the PM2.5 air filter, and other materials are sandwiched in the middle, the bacteria brought by PM2.5 fine particles on the air filter will breed and multiply, and secondary pollution will occur. The mask does not achieve the effect of antibacterial haze prevention.

Winter fog is known as the "winter killer", together with industrial emissions, vehicle exhaust, airborne dust, airborne bacteria and viruses and other pollutants, attached to these droplets, people in their daily lives and travelling, these substances will have an impact on the human respiratory tract, which may cause acute upper respiratory tract infections (colds), acute tracheobronchitis, and pneumonia, asthma attacks, triggering or aggravating chronic bronchitis and other diseases.Especially children's respiratory tract mucosa of nose, trachea and bronchial tubes are tender, and the number of alveoli is small, the elastic fibre development is poor, and the mesenchymal stroma development is exuberant, which makes them more susceptible to respiratory viral infections. People in the fog for a long time, can cause bronchitis, laryngitis, pneumonia, asthma, rhinitis and allergic diseases, on the growth and development of young children, adolescents and physical fitness have a certain impact. This time to wear PM2.5 particle mask is very necessary, can absolutely reduce the occurrence of disease, our masks also has a double certification products, you can rest assured that the purchase.

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