Most Beautiful National People’s Congress Representative

Lin Yanwei: Use a small mask to protect the health of thousands of people.

Under the covid-19 pandemic, masks have become daily necessities.
When melt-blown fabric and mask machine became the focus of people for a while, many mask manufacturers also followed the public eye, and Jiande Chaomei Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. was one of them.

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Mid to late January. The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 has seen an explosion in online orders from Chaomei N95 mask. Lin Yanwei, general manager of Chaomei Daily Chemical Co., LTD., a deputy to the people’s congress of hangzhou and Jiande, sensed the seriousness of the situation.

January 20 is the day of holiday to welcome the New Year, Lin Yan Wei called the core team meeting overnight, made the decision to recall employees that night.

On January 21, the company spent three times the salary to recall more than 80 employees in Jiande city, officially sounding the “assembly” of resuming production of masks.

“People are working day and night,” he said. “They only have four hours’ rest at most, except for eating and going to the toilet.”

For him who is responsible for coordinating the production and security work, it is more normal that he is too busy to have a meal and rest.

As the National Emergency supplies reserve Company, Lin Yanwei strictly control the quality of products, lead the staff to work overtime. By the end of February, Chaomei had produced more than 50 million masks, all of which were supplied to government departments at a price below cost.

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‘I was so focused on how I could make more masks, how I could get them to the places where they were most needed, how I could give them to the people who needed them the most,’ he says. ‘I didn’t think about making money.’

In Lin’s opinion, at the moment when the country and the people are facing crisis, it is incumbent on them to step forward as a mask manufacturer. “I am still a deputy to the National People’s Congress, so I should take the lead.” He said with a smile.

After March, Lin Yanwei entered another busy state. “In recent months, I’ve been traveling the country, visiting almost 2,000 dealerships.” Lin Said frankly that at the worst time of the epidemic, the old distributors were “offended” because they tried their best to guarantee the epidemic prevention supply. Now every company has to apologize, and has also won the understanding of the vast majority of customers.

After the test of the epidemic, Lin Yanwei with his own practical actions, a vivid interpretation of the entrepreneur’s responsibility and enterprising. Lin Took over the company from his father. He attached importance to business management and broadened brand channels, which enabled The Company to realize the leap from a small workshop to a modern enterprise.

Since he was elected a deputy to the NPC, Lin Has earnestly learned the knowledge of performing his duties, participated in various investigation and inspection activities, constantly improved his ability to perform his duties, and actively offered Suggestions for economic and social development.

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When asked how he felt about being elected as the “most beautiful NPC deputy”, Lin told reporters that as a young delegate, after several years of study, he has more deeply felt the responsibility on his shoulders.
‘In the future, I will try my best to do my job to the utmost, to be a bridge and bond, and not to betray the trust of the people,’ he said.

Post time: Nov-11-2020