CM Mask History

Lin Jinxiang, the founder of Chaomei-the domestic leader in the field of respiratory protection


Vice President of China Textile Business Association, President of Zhejiang Safety and Health Protection Products Industry Association, Chairman of Jiande Chaomei Daily Chemical Co., Ltd.

Jiande Chaomei Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. is a recognized "golden sign" in the field of respiratory protection in the domestic labor insurance industry. After more than 40 years of hard work, under the leadership of Chairman Lin Jinxiang, Chaomei ranked in the forefront of similar products in terms of enterprise scale, market share and brand influence, and was included in the third batch of "Made in Zhejiang" standard drafting units, "PM2.5 Protective Masks" group standard formulation unit, and the drafting unit of the national standard for preventing particulate matter respiration. North Korea has not only obtained a national industrial product production license, but also a medical and health mask license. It is one of the few domestic companies that can produce industrial, civilian, and medical health protective masks.

Along the way, Lin Jinxiang feels that there is a long way to go, and he dare not slack in the slightest, leading the enterprise to bravely rise to the forefront in the tide of market economy and rejuvenate. Recently, the editor of China Labor Insurance Network conducted an exclusive interview with Chairman Lin Jinxiang.

Can bear loneliness, can hold dreams

The pragmatic qualities of Lin Jinxiang come from his past experience. Looking back to 1978, the young farmer started his business by selling a car of firewood for 30 yuan and borrowing 20 yuan. In 10 years, he was both a boss and a salesman, selling mops, knitted gloves, and hardware screwdrivers. In order to save money at the beginning of the business, Lin Jinxiang took the rice cakes made by his mother every time he went out to fill his hunger. The best treatment at night was a hotel for five yuan a night, and he would spend the night in sheltered places. Most of the delivery places are mountainous, bumpy and dangerous. Lin Jinxiang did not know how much sweat he shed on the long journey. In his own words, there is nothing easy to do in the world. If you want to wear a crown, you must first bear the weight.

More than 20 years old is the age to dare to work hard. Lin Jinxiang said: "I was lost when I encountered setbacks, but I never thought of giving up. Now I am most proud of setting up an industry benchmark platform for children with years of hard work. I think every entrepreneur is eager The business I have been striving for can be passed down, and now I see my two sons working hard for a better Korean-American brand. I am very pleased."

Speaking of the hardships in the past, Lin Jinxiang did not have much emotion, “In fact, our generation is lucky. After the reform and opening up, the national policy encourages business, so I have the opportunity to do what I want. If a person wants to succeed, First of all, we must learn to endure hardship, to endure loneliness, and to hold onto dreams."v

Fulfill social responsibility and speak for labor insurance

In 1996, Lin Jinxiang started to set up a factory to produce masks under the introduction of a friend, but at the beginning, the inventory was overstocked due to poor sales. Seeing that the company was in financial difficulties, his family used all their savings to support him. That is, from that moment on, Lin Jinxiang never wavered despite the great difficulties encountered: Doing a good product and a good company is the best return to his family.

"In the beginning, I only thought that doing labor insurance business could support the family, but by doing it, I fell in love with this virtuous and benevolent industry. According to the popular saying now, it is called not forgetting the original intention. Thinking about it now, waywardness is sometimes a good thing. Because of you Willfulness, some thoughts will always be in your mind. I don’t know what kind of fruit it will bear..." Lin Jinxiang likes to delve into research and has his own unique insights in marketing. He has a dedication to career. And "willfulness" has made him, and it has made Korea and America today.

SARS raged in 2003, and reports of "Severe Respiratory Dysfunction (SARS)" appeared in many parts of the world. Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, the United States, Canada and other countries have successively seen many cases of SARS. In 2004, the Department of Medical Chemistry of the National Development and Reform Commission determined that North Korea and the United States should be the first batch of emergency relief material reserve enterprises in the country (the North Korea and the United States have been the national emergency material reserve unit for 14 consecutive years). To this day, North Korea and the United States are still responsible for providing the country. The important task of emergency relief supplies. Lin Jinxiang still clearly remembers the scene of 200,000 masks being transported to Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital by special plane. Seeing the scene of the press conference, the central leadership and all staff wearing North Korean and American masks, Lin Jinxiang felt for the first time the noble mission of a labor insurance person.

During the SARS period, North Korea and the United States insisted on not rising a penny and resolutely transporting masks to the places where they were most needed. This won praise from colleagues in the industry and established the leading position of North Korea and the United States in the labor insurance industry.

After SARS, North Korea and the United States paid more attention to fulfilling corporate social responsibilities: Whether it was the Wenchuan earthquake, the explosion in Tianjin Port, or the outbreak of bird flu, North Korea and the United States have unswervingly provided free respiratory protection products to the disaster areas at the first time. At the same time, North Korean beauties are also active in many social activities such as the good voice of Jiande City, the dinner for the elderly on the Double Ninth Festival, the funding of the Spring Breeze Action of the Jiande City Sanitation Center, the funding of college students in need, and the cooperation with the local government to build parks for villagers. .

Enhance brand value through technological innovation

"If you can't take advantage of the waves, you will eventually be eliminated by the new era," Lin Jinxiang said.

In recent years, with the wave of big data, artificial intelligence, and the Internet, North Korea and the United States have actively responded to the country's call for quality improvement, intensified technological transformation, extended product service areas, and expanded marketing channels. Today, Chaomei has first-class testing centers, R&D; centers and e-commerce centers at home and abroad. The company develops and produces products of more than 100 models and specifications in two series of respiratory protection and daily chemical washing, and has obtained 4 inventions and 35 utility model patents. The annual output value increased from 3 million yuan in 2000 to more than 200 million yuan.

North Korea and the United States Internet of Things Management System

According to Lin Jinxiang, the company’s newly commissioned and applied IoT management system will further help North Korea and the United States to improve production efficiency, stabilize product quality, and take the lead in achieving controllability and visualization from raw material procurement, production to sales. "China is a big manufacturing country, but in recent years, both the international and domestic environments have placed higher requirements on the manufacturing industry. With the disappearance of demographic dividends and cost advantages, the traditional growth model of the manufacturing industry is unsustainable. We must rely on technology Innovate to solve problems and enhance our competitiveness."

When it comes to corporate inheritance, Lin Jinxiang has his own insights, “Inheritance is not simply to leave the enterprise to the children to manage, but as an experienced helmsman to advise on their important decisions and make the enterprise transition smoothly. Leave it to the younger generation. More standardized companies can do more with less than just being around them all the time."

As he hopes, the addition of the "second generation" has allowed the development and inheritance of the Korean-American spirit, and added new impetus to the enterprise. Lin Jinxiang’s eldest son, Lin Yanwei, is now a representative of Hangzhou Municipal People’s Congress and vice chairman of Jiande City Federation of Industry and Commerce. He has been recommended by Zhejiang Safety and Health Protection Products Industry Association as an outstanding professional manager of Zhejiang Province and is responsible for product sales in the company. The second son, Lin Yanfeng, is the secretary of the party branch of the enterprise, a member of the Zhejiang Province labor insurance industry expert group, and a technological leader. He is mainly responsible for production. Most of the research and development and improvement of North Korea's independent production lines are from his hands.

Lin Jinxiang said that after a lifetime of labor insurance, he also made many friends. Labor insurance is a very positive business. In addition to earning a living, it is also protecting the health and safety of others; it is a responsible business. The production of labor insurance products should be more perfect and adhere to quality. The feelings of this labor insurance person are vividly reflected in him. In order to better serve the industry and fully promote the progress of the industry, Lin Jinxiang served as the sole vice president of the labor insurance products industry in the China Textile Business Association and the chairman of the Zhejiang Safety and Health Protection Products Industry Association, setting an example and serving the labor insurance industry wholeheartedly.

"Don't forget the original intention, keep going, and always follow the party." Lin Jinxiang promotes the transformation and development of the company with high-quality team building; realizes "Made in Zhejiang" with high-quality enterprise development; leaps toward high-end intelligent manufacturing and promotes "wisdom to the United States" . Speeding up independent innovation and optimizing the existing system, North Korea and the United States are striding forward in the new journey of building a national labor insurance brand, showcasing their big-name responsibility, and contribute more to the occupational health of Chinese workers!

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